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"Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock." Sunan Abi Dawud #2928: sahih


At Australian Muslim Youth Leadership Association Inc., we are strong believers in the ability of our youth leaders to shape the future of the Muslim community in Australia. Our programs are designed to empower and train our youth leaders to develop leadership skills and knowledge to become exemplary leaders of the future.  As a Muslim organisation our shining light of guidance in regard to all things and especially leadership is the guidance and practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam


Our Mission

We are committed Muslims whose desire is to see the following:

  1. Recognition of Muslim student leaders for their extraordinary work and efforts to contribute positively to the Australian Muslim community and the wider community.

  2. Training and mentoring Muslim student leaders in order to empower and guide the next generation of Australian Muslim leaders.

  3. To address controversial and important issues and topics affecting Australian Muslim youth.


Our First Fundraising Event 2019

Fijian Palau - Sunday 14 April

Our volunteers are currently selling tickets for Fijian Palau for $10 a serve. We offer home delivery for orders over $50, before 1pm on Sunday 14 April. All other orders, you will be told where to pick it up from. Please support us by purchasing a ticket. We are fundraising to offer more program to student leaders this year.

Updated: The executive team would like to thank everyone who bought Palau, for supporting AMYLA and the work we are doing.

2019 Student Leadership & Service Awards Night

Recognising Brilliant Youth Leadership

We are organising this Awards night for the first time to recognise, honour and celebrate our outstanding student leaders’ achievements from all of our Islamic schools in Victoria. Students will be recognised in five categories with over twenty prizes.

Category 1

Individual Awards

  1. Student Leader of The Year - Winner

  2. Student Leader of the Year – Runner Up

  3. Junior Student Leader of the Year – Winner

  4. Junior Student Leader of the Year – Runner Up

  5. SRC Teacher in Charge of the Year – Winner

  6. SRC Teacher in Charge of the Year- Runner Up

Category 2

Team/Group Awards

  1. SRC Group of the Year – Winner - Secondary

  2. SRC Group of the Year – Runner Up – Secondary

  3. SRC Group of the Year – Winner – Primary

  4. SRC Group of the Year – Runner Up – Primary

Category 3

School Awards

  1. Best SRC School Support – Winner

  2. Best SRC School Support – Runner Up

Category 4

Project Awards

  1. Best SRC Project of the Year - Winner

  2. Best SRC Project of the Year – Runner Up

  3. Community Engagement Award

Category 5

Special Recognition

  1. Budding Student Leader of the Year - Winner

  2. Budding Student Leader of the Year – Runner Up

  3. Best SRC Report of the Year – Winner

  4. Best SRC Report of the Year – Runner Up

  5. Best Individual Effort by SRC Member Award

All updates and news in regard to this event will be posted "In the News" section. 

Youth Questions

Addressing Controversial, Sensitive and Embarrassing Issues and Topics

Send your questions to ustadhfaiyaz@gmail.com
We will post all the answers on the Q&A page.


News and Updates

Spring Branches

Become a Sponsor for one of our events

The sponsorship we are seeking is to cover the venue costs, food and catering, stationery supplies, promotions, awards – certificates, plaques and trophies.

We are looking to your good company to sponsor any part of the costs of sponsorship and we assure you that we will have your company’s logo on our banners, promotions, letters to schools, nomination forms, awards booklet and brochures. Furthermore, you will get the invitation to attend this prestigious Awards program as a distinguished guest.

Any financial support from your end will be highly appreciated by us and the student leaders that we provide a service to. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us through the email at muslimleadership2018@gmail.com

Male Skater

Join us in Empowering & Guiding Muslim Youth

If you are interested to volunteer for any of our activities, please email us at muslimleadership2018@gmail.com

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